St. Mark’s Parish Council


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

7:30 pm, Conference Room



Fr. Brian Kauk, Marilyn Benn, Joy Bowerman, Wanda Bowman, Les Cundell, Allen Deering, Cynthia Greer, Riva Lieflander, Jenny Morphew, Coralie Sheehan



Judy Corbishley, Janis Perkin, Sheila Vaudrey


1. Call to Order: at 7:35 pm by Allen.


2.  Reflection: Allen read “Be special” - a humourous story of frogs and encouraging and discouraging words.


3.  Approval of Agenda

Under new business add

- item by Jenny

- date for electoral vestry

- stewardship

Approved (Riva Lieflander/Coralie Sheehan) as amended.


4.  Approval of Minutes of April Meeting:

Under 4, Jenny as well as Wanda and Riva did not receive the 2nd attachment

Under 6, change O’Rea to O’Ray

Under 7, change focus of membership to name of membership

Under 8, delete the first paragraph

Under 8, remove (still short of budget) in paragraph 2

Approved (Les Cundell/Riva Lieflander) as amended.


5.  Business Arising

The issue of parking lot light is being examined.  Conventional lighting is very expensive.  Solar alternatives are being examined.

New mops have been purchased for the kitchen.


6.  Rector’s report

a.  On Thursday, May 6th, the Rector attended the Parkwood Hills Community Stakeholder Committee. St Mark’s has been asked to attend as a voting member, along with at least three other churches in our area: Bethel Pentecostal, Parkwood Presbyterian and St Maurice’s Roman Catholic churches. The agenda includes items of community concern. This also presents an excellent opportunity for interacting with other community agencies.


b.  Those who attended the Stewardship Conference this past weekend have not had a chance to get together and consolidate what we learned as individuals. It would be good if this group could meet and bring something to the next meeting. The rector reported his feeling that the conference was very worthwhile, and the seminar he attended, Developing A Year_Round Stewardship Plan, will be helpful in moving forward with intentional Stewardship practices at St Mark’s.


c.  John Morgan, a long_time member of this parish, died on May 6th, 2010. The funeral was announced as a private family event. The parish should know that the rector was present and officiated at Christian burial rites of the Anglican Church of Canada. If you encounter parishioners who are concerned, please let them know. The burial was this afternoon, in Iroquois Ontario.


d.  Please remember that Fr Brian will be away for the 10:00 a.m. Eucharist this Sunday, attending a family baptism. The Reverend Ross Hammond will be taking the service.


e.  Screening in Faith: there will be an announcement in church starting on May 23 to prepare people for a renewal of police record checks and screening of new volunteers. This is to be sure no one is surprised when the announcement is followed up by a letter.


f.  St Richard’s, our nearest neighbouring Anglican Church, is holding a large_scale Fundraising Concert & Auction in support of Cornerstone’s Housing for Women Project, Habitat for Humanity, as well as the Parish’s Capital fund for the Roof Project. The event called “A Roof For All” is to be held on Sunday, June 13. Everyone is encouraged to see the promotional material on the Rector’s bulletin board.


7. Warden’s report 

a.  The corporation will deal with the Ministry Review over the summer once the incoming Deputy Warden is appointed, We believe it to be a valuable exercise that requires a lot of thought from the Corporation.


b.Patrick Stephen’s last day with us will be June 13.


c. Bishop Reid Hall has been booked for Monday October 25 for the municipal election.


8.  Treasurer’s Report

We are going to re-examine how we do our estimates for the first part of the year in order to increase the accuracy of out budgeted income.  The deficit did not increase last month.  A deficit is still predicted for the end of the year.


9.  Property Report

a. The two Navy Lady shrub roses given to the Church by Ruth Werbin have been planted in the north Link bed.

b. The outdoor tap was leaky badly when it was turned on for the first time this spring.  Lorne repaired it.

c. The power head on our vacuum failed and it has been sent to Romco for repair.  In the meantime, Rose is using her powerhead.

d. Lorne bought a replacement clip for the wireless mics.  As well he bought a spare.

e. Connie and Helen have cleaned all the flowerbeds.

f. Les, Allen, and Lorne have done regular cleanups and maintenance


10. Membership & Memorials

RP Metals is coming Friday May 14 to install the base for the bell sculpture.  He is returning on Saturday May 15 to move the rest of the sculpture into position.  It will be primed put not painted when it is installed.


11. Choir

Nothing to report


12. Outreach

Food donations have increased significantly.  Requests for specific items on sale at the grocery store and regular Sunday announcements seem to be working.


13. New Business:

a. Jenny wished to bring to our attention a concert raising funds for Kairos.  A poster will be on the bulletin board.

b.The Seniors Residence Exploratory Committee will consist of Allen Deering (Chair), Marilyn Benn, Lorne Bowerman, Phil Conquer, Jenny Morphew and Coralie Sheehan.

c. Stewardship - please see attached file.

d. The electoral vestry is set for Sunday, June 20 after the 10am service

e. Parish council positions.  After considerable discussion, it was moved that parish council request corporation to include the composition of parish council in their proposed ministry review which will be started over the summer. Approved (Les/Coralie).

f. Next meeting will be Wednesday, June 9 in Bishop Reid Hall.

g. Thank you to Joy for taking the minutes


14. The meeting was adjourned at 9:26 PM with the Grace.



Submitted by Joy Bowerman