St. Mark’s Parish Council


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

7:30 pm, Bishop Reed Hall



Marilyn Benn, Joy Bowerman, Wanda Bowman, Judy Corbishley, Les Cundell, Allen Deering,  Cynthia Greer, Fr. Brian Kauk, Riva Lieflander, Jenny Morphew, Coralie Sheehan 


Regrets: Janis Perkin, Sheila Vaudrey


1.                  Call to Order  at 7:35 by Allen


2.                  Reflection Brian provided the opening reflections.


3.                  Approval of Agenda

Under Old Business add name of monument.

Move the Wardens' report before the Rector's report

Under new business, Riva  wishes to discuss a possible new project


Approved (Coralie Sheehan, Judy Corbishley) as amended.


4.                  Approval of previous minutes.

Approved (Joy Bowerman, Coralie Sheehan)


5.                  Business arising from previous minutes.

The Senior's Residence Exploratory committee will also include Gale Deering and  Cynthia Greer.

Approved (Brian Kauk, Les Cundell)


6.                  Warden's report

Margaret Pirnat has been selected as the Parish Administrator.  She begins June 15 and will be in the office Monday to Thursday.


Information about the Diocese’s proposed Equalized Cost of Priestly Services (ECOPS) was circulated with the agenda and minutes. We have been told parishes will hear specific information in August/September. If Synod approves this fall, implementation would begin in January 2011.

There were some questions on this proposal about the need for a housing allowance. Judy served on diocesan clergy benefits committee and addressed some concerns.

The diocese has a diocesan stipendiary scale, not based on location.  There are still a number of rectories still in use the the (mostly) rural areas.  In order to balance the different costs of living within in the diocese and the use of rectories, the diocese will continue to pay housing allowance. Brian added that for tax purposes, it is easier to have the housing allowance listed separately.


There was also a question brought up regarding compensation for non-stipendiary clergy. It was suggested that these questions should be addressed to synod office or brought up at Great Chapter.


A memorial gift of a leather-bound book of readings for Sundays, as well as electronic copies so we can print handouts for parishioners, has been made by Betty Gillham in memory of her late husband Bob. A Sunday to dedicate the gift has not yet been chosen, but is anticipated sometime in the next few week. The current Lectern Bible was a gift of the confirmation class of 1995, and in consultation with the donors, will be used on the Children’s Table to help remind us of “all our important stories”.


7.                  Rector's Report

            a.         Fr Brian has reported previously on his involvement with the Parkwood Hills Community Stakeholder Committee. Terms of Reference and a Membership list were circulated.


            b.         A letter from Michelle Crogie, Best Start Community Developer was circulated. Fr Brian mentioned the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study ( ), which notes that on measures of School Readiness, the area including Parkwood Hills has a higher level of vulnerable children when compared with the city average. There is a need for space for a Best Start Hub in the community. Linda Mancini, Principal at St Rita’s School, has identified her school as a good opportunity for intervention, but there is no space available at the school. St Mark’s was suggested as a possible location due to our proximity to the school. Fr Brian would like to pursue this, along with the wardens and Property committee, with a view to starting a Best Start Hub once a week in the fall.

                        The following points were brought up for consideration:

                                    i.          We should be willing to put up with some disruption for community service.

                                    ii.         Would storage be required?

                                    iii.        Would require working around the schedule for meetings, funerals, etc

                                    iv.        Would there be extra cleaning costs?

                                    v.         Should we require a damage deposit?

                                    vi.        Must be covered by insurance.

                        Moved that  the letter by Michelle Crogie be referred to the wardens and property committee for evaluation and  possible implementation.

                        Approved (Judy Corbishley, Marilyn Benn)


            c.         An email from Michael Perkin, Sunday School Superintendent was circulated prior to the meeting, requesting we change the name of ‘Church School’ to ‘Youth Ministry’. Fr Brian asked the Council for input and direction in responding to Michael’s request.  Council referred the matter for later discussion after meeting with the concerned parties.


            d.         Thank you cards were passed around from Bishop John Chapman, for the retired clergy event held here on May 18, as well as from Cornerstone/le Pilier Housing for Women. They will be posted in the link.


            e.         This Sunday (June 13) we bid farewell to Patrick and Mallory Stephens and their daughter Esther as they make their way to Vancouver, BC where Patrick will pursue studies towards a Master of Divinity degree. On the way, they will spend time this summer at Camp Hyanto where Patrick works as the camp nurse. Janis Perkin has agreed to prepare a card for parish to sign.


            f.          Annual vacation leave for staff is planned as follows:

                        Patti Robillard will be away July 12-16 and July 25 to August 8

                        Margaret Pirnat will be away July 24 to August 9

                                Fr Brian will be away August 17 to September 12, and September 29, 30 and October 1.

                        Fr Matthew Borden is available to take Sunday Services, but doesn’t drive any longer. Assistance with transportation will be required.


8.                              Treasurer’s Report

Final payment has been made on the bell monument. Bell project reserve account is at -$837.

The collections income continues to be below expected.

The deficit at this time of year is less than budgeted.

9.                              Parish Council Property Report

The bell monument has been delivered and installed. It is well built. Help was provided by St. Mark’s to move the monument into place.  A 10” hanging basket of wave petunias was purchased and put in the upside-down bell to provide some colour for now.  One of the first things that became apparently was that the structure will have to be dusted and cleaned on a regular basis.  Dust, pollen, and bird contributions require continuous attention.  The bells are open and can be rung. There have been no reports of the bells being rung by other than St. Mark’s people.

The Madonna Festival required considerable attention from Lorne. We are happy to report that there was no damage to St. Mark’s property this year. There was little clean-up required as well. The only problem area that need attention for next year is Sunday morning parking in our lot. It may be worthwhile for St. Mark’s to examine how to integrate and used the Festival for our benefit as well.  We cannot hope to keep doing “business as usual” when the Festival is on.

An outside tap was installed by Lorne on the east side of the Hall near the kitchen door. Water was taken from the Fisher Ave sink in the Kitchen. We finally have water for the gardens and clean-up at the front of the Church. The $6 cost was very minimal. We had hose from the rummage sale, an outside tap, pipe, and fittings from Lorne, and a hose carrier from our shed.

Another plumbing event was that the sink in the BRH Ladies’ washroom started to leak on June 7.   Allen, Les, & Lorne took the old one out; Lorne put a new one in. A stinking job coming out and going in. Because the old sink was 8” centre taps, it was cheaper in the end to buy a cabinet and 4” centre taps than to special order the 8” taps.


Les & Lorne took a load of electronic recycling out to 2012 Recycling in Bells Corners. It was mainly stuff from the rummage sale.

Lorne has decided that he will not proceed for now to coat the basement floor with the epoxy garage floor paint because of concerns of adhesion. Although the paint adhesion was tested using duct tape, the dog trainer who rents on Tuesday night had used and left on masking tape. When Lorne removed it, it lifted the paint. He hopes to do a test patch with the epoxy garage floor paint with leftover paint from Joy & Trevor’s garage floor. Meanwhile, the basement floor will be painted again with the less expensive regular paint - probably in July after the Choir practices are finished.

The chair seats ordered from Ven-Rez in Nova Scotia have arrived and will be installed as needed.

Connie has worked on the flower beds and planting annuals.

Wanda expressed concern about the cleanliness of the nave of the church.  Les Cundell will look into this. 


Les is still looking into the parking lot lights.

10.              Membership

Brian Harrison drew the new members committee to a close.   Cynthia, Margaret and Brian are working on several information brochures, one broad spectrum, several with more specifics.


Thank you to Brian Harrison and the members of the New Members as they draw to a close for the important& innovative work they have done.

Approved (Brian Kauk, Les Cundell)


11.              Choir

Gerald Blaney, an ex-choir member died.  Jenny, Cynthia and Carol attended the funeral.


12.              Outreach

Nothing to report at this time.


13.              Stewardship

The parish has been informed of the stewardship activities.  A reasonably successful luncheon was held on May 30.  Barbara Carroll spoke last Sunday.  Brenda Zanin will speak on music ministry this Sunday.  Patti Robillard will speak the following Sunday.


14.              Old/Unfinished Business

The wording for the plaques was decided as follows.


The bells are given to the Glory of  God and in loving memory of Dorothea Kirby.


The Trinity Monument, erected in 2010,  is dedicated in loving memory of Dorothea and John Kirby


A text for the memorial garden will be introduced in September.  We are also looking at including the name of the landscaper and monument manufacturer.


15.              New Business

Riva brought forth the possibility of running a Discovery University.  First Baptist church work with St Paul's University and the University of Ottawa to run this program. They run a university course for  marginalized students.  The course takes place at university,  tutoring occurs at the church.  No cost to students to take the course.  We would need to know exactly what was involved and what costs are associated with it.  It would be run in association with Debra-Dynes. It was suggested to Riva that her channel for exploring this possibility would be to talk first Barbara Carroll to see if there was interest there, then to First Baptist to see exactly what is involved, then the wardens.


16.              Next meeting September 8, 2010.


17.               The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 with the Grace.

Approved (Judy Corbishley, Coralie Sheehan)


Submitted by Joy Bowerman