updated January 23, 2014

pastoral care
Summative Notes of January 19, 2014
Caring for Each Other: congregational discussion

What kinds of needs do we see / hear about from our parishioners?:

  • Transportation to and from church and church events
  • Social contact with their St Markís family, either one-on-one or in group settings
  • Information sharing/communication - whatís happening? Want to be included and kept-in-the-loop if they donít come to church or use the internet (e-mail, blog postings)
  • Access to receiving communion at home if shut-in or sick
  • Accessing prayer support from St Marks when this type of spiritual support is needed

Common issues identified:
  • Lack of coordinated / integrated effort across our programs 
  • We donít know whoís doing what 
  • We find things out about people but do not pass along due to privacy/confidentiality concerns 
  • We need training, tools and leadership to carry out any caring activities effectively and to co-ordinate our efforts 
  • We must purposefully involve parishioners in meaningful activities when they are able i.e. friendly telephone contact 
  • We need to add new people to help with some current programs which have lost people through attrition (death, health) 
  • Regardless of well-meaning intent, if volunteers are helping in a St Markís program, we must ensure the Diocesan Screening in Faith Guidelines are followed.

Next Steps:
  • Some people at the meeting (Janet took names) indicated that they would be interested in a Friendly Phone Call program. These people will be invited to meet to begin to define and document the program (more creative name TBD?) including the process, tools and training 
  • Some people are already doing Friendly Visiting. They will be asked to list/document their contacts and how they are visiting. 
  • A group meeting of the current Friendly Visitors and others interested will be held to discern needed tools and reporting protocols in keeping with privacy. 
  • Janet will meet with Fr Brian to discuss Home Communion needs and bring forward a plan to meet these needs. Information about who wants HC may be collected through the Friendly phone calls. 
  • Parishoner phone contact - Cycle of Prayer - 6 calls per week. Only Carol Dicks, Cynthia Greer and Pat Longsworth are carrying this on at present. Exploration of involving more people will be done. 
  • New programs where parishoners can meet in groups on a more regular basis will be explored e.g. Park Place social group, Seniorís afternoon card party etc

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