Pandemic Response

This section was developed in response to a Pastoral Letter from the Bishop of Ottawa in May 2009 dealing with the H1N1 flu. This section collects in one area the various responses being done at St. Mark's.

Of particular interest to the present situation was the work done previously at St. Mark's on pandemic responses. Under the supervision of Patti Robillard, Parish Nurse, student nurses developed a plan for pandemic intervention for St. Mark's. It was presented to the Parish on March 4, 2007. It provides good basics for dealing with pandemic threats, such as the H1N1 flu. It is available for viewing at Intervention Presentation Slide Show.

In June 2009, St. Mark's purchased and installed three hand sanitizers: one at the back of the Nave, one in the Link Entry, and one in the Hall outside the Conference Room. These were signed with the City of Ottawa's use of hand santizer information signs. An announcement was made to the congregation about the proper use of the units. Leaflet follow-up will be done.

Also signed at the time was the City of Ottawa's hand washing information sheet. These were place in the washrooms and the kitchen.

Some References Sources

These links were valid at the initial posting of this web page in 2009.
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Health Canada, or call 1-800-454-8302
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