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update 6/2/2021

The Parish of St Mark's

St Mark's is located in the Rideau View/Parkwood Hills area of the City of Ottawa, one block south of Meadowlands on Fisher Avenue at the corner of Normandy Crescent.

Parish Office

Office Hours: Monday, Wedmesday and Frday, 9:00 am to noon;
Mailing: 1606 Fisher Ave, Ottawa, ON K2C 1X6
Phone: 613-224-7431



The Parish of St Mark's was created on October 9, 1949 in a Veteran's Land Development in what was then the Township of Nepean, later to be split on January 1, 1950 between the City of Ottawa and the Township of Nepean. Some of the street names of the area reflect the battles of World War II: Normandy, Falaise, Apeldoorn, Arnheim, Senio, and Ortona.

Operating first from a school, the Church building was built in 1954 and in 1966, a Parish Hall was added. The Church has unique construction of nine "A" frames of BC fir. The first impression of the Church is its large sloping cedar roof over the "A" frames. One end wall is filled by glass windows. The other end wall at the Sanctuary end is completely cedar.

The 50th Anniversary Souvenir Book is available at this link.

The 60th Anniversary events in 2009 are shown at this link. 

< video  St Marks Church 1955 - 2015  


Our Clergy

Priest: Rev E. Julian Campbell  (November 1, 2019)  
phone:   613-224-7431 x 201 (Church) 

Rev Julian was born in Cat Island, Bahamas,
and joins us via Nassau and Barbados. 
He trained as a teacher before becoming a priest. 

Following studies at Codrington Anglican Theological College
and the University of the West Indies, Barbados, he worked 
in the Diocese of North Eastern Caribbean and Aruba, 
Barbados and Bahamas, lecturing and being in parish ministry. 

He came to Ottawa in 2019. 


The Bishop of the Diocese of Ottawa: The Right Reverend Shane Parker (May 31, 2020) 
Phone: 613-232-7124

Sunday Services

8:00 am Holy Eucharist
This Service provides the more traditional 1962 Liturgy of the Book of Alternative Services, followed by coffee in the Link except for the summer months.

10:00 am Holy Eucharist followed by coffee in the church hall.
This Service provides the new forms of Liturgy in the Book of Alternative Services, with the assistance of a full Church Choir (and we are proud of our Choir's quality and repertoire).

Church School & Nursery: Church School meets during the 10:00 a.m. Service. Infant and toddler care is provided during the 10:00 a.m. Service


The Church is Hearing Loop equipped and wheelchair accessible.


Friday Holy Eucharist at the Perley-Rideau Veterans Hospital. After more than 30 years, this ministry closed on November 15, 2019 


Parish Nurse

St. Mark's Parish Nurse ministry ran from May 2004 - April 2016. Our thanks to the dedication of Patti Robillard and Janet Helmer. 

A Pandemic Response information page can be found through this Pandemic link.  


Of Special Interest

Evolution of the Eucharist: A series of Services on The Evolution of the Eucharist under the guidance of the late Rev. Dr Frank Peake, former St Mark's parishioner. Dr Peake organized six services based on:

  1. The Rite of St. Hippolytus (circa 150 AD)
  2. The Liturgy of St James (circa 350 AD)
  3. The High Mass of the Middle Ages (circa 1400 AD)
  4. The Book of Common Prayer (1552)
  5. The Book of Common Prayer (1662)
  6. The Book of Alternative Services (1985)

A manual and period sermons are available to help conduct the Eucharist Series.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR): St Mark's is one of the area pioneers in the use of pre-authorized giving for regular Parish support. Under the plan, funds are transferred from parishioners' account to the Church's account once per month. St. Mark's uses the PAR facilities of the United Church of Canada for electronic giving. The banks also use the terms Pre-Authorized Payment or Direct Electronic Funds Transfer for this service. The PAR website with further information is at United Church PAR Information. PAR flyers are available in the link. There is also further information on the Pre-Authorized Remittance or Electronic Funds Transfer giving.

par logo

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper Manual: The first pancakes were tossed in 1966 by the ladies of the parish, as a fundraiser for the proposed parish hall. St Mark's Marksmen of the BAC (Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen) took over in 1969. Since then, the pancake supper has evolved into a well appreciated and well attended parish event. Because so many have requested our help with running a pancake supper, a 16 page manual has been produced with recipes, hints, suggestions, quantities, etc. The Pancake Supper Manual is available on the web at this link . Shrove Tuesday 2014 saw a new generation of flippers, with the Steve and Kate Close taking over the griddle, and on February 9, 2016, we celebrated our 50th Shrove Tuesday Golden Pancake supper, with a special pancake toss from one generation to another !  

St Mark's Dollar-for-Dollar ($4$): As a means of raising funds, St Mark's works with Loblaws, Independent, and National Grocers' supermarkets with a gift certificate program. Parishioners purchase Gift Certificates which are treated as cash by the affiliated supermarkets in Canada. St Mark's receives about 4% of voucher sales. (Wives: husbands can be given the card to pick up a few groceries! They can even be taught to use the self-checkout.)


The Workers in the Vineyard 2019

  • Altar Guild:   Penny Miller 
  • Anglican Church Women (ACW) - Mothers' Union:   Cynthia Greer 
  • Choir President:   Kate Greer-Close 
  • Church School & Nursery:   Kate Greer-Close 
  • Coffee Hour Coordinators: 8:00 am - Joy Bowerman ;   10:00 am - Suzanne Bisson                                
  • Director of Music:   Ariane Dind - 613-224-7431 (Church) 
  • Dollar for Dollar ($4$):   Joy Bowerman 
  • Envelope Secretary:   Karen Roberts 
  • Incumbent:  Rev Julian Campbell 613-224-7431 x 201 (Church Office) 
  • Library:    Betty Caughlin 
  • Membership Committee:   Margaret Lodge  (1)
  • Outreach Coordinator:   Suzanne Bisson   (1)
  • Parish Council Chair:   Pauline Adams 
  • Parish Council Members-at-Large:  Terry Frederick (2) / Jeff Hall (1)   
  • Pastoral Care: 613-224-7431 (Church Office)  
  • Property:   Bill Barber  
  • Rental: through Parish Office - 613-224-7431 or email: St. Mark's Office 
  • Screening in Faith:   Les Cundell   
  • Sidespersons, Counters, and Open-Up & Close-Up Convenor:  Les Cundell  
  • Stewardship:    Michael Perkin   (1) 
  • Treasurer:   Georgia Roberts 
  • Synod Members:   Gillian Martin  (2) / Gillian  Morris (1)
  • Alternate Synod Members: Judy Life (1) 
  • Warden (Rector's):  Pauline Adams - 613-224-7431 (Church Office)   (1+1) 
  • Warden (People's):   Bill Barber - 613-224-7431 (Church Office)   (2) 
    • Deputy Rector's Warden:    Suzanne Bisson (1)
    • Deputy People's Warden:    Cynthia Greer   (1)  
  • Web:  Margaret Lodge - MTW @  

    in memory of

    Lorne Bowerman
    1930 - 2015

    founder of St Mark's web page in 1996 

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