proposal  - August 2007

St Mark's
Memorial Garden &
Trinity Memorial Sculpture

a garden of peace - a quiet, cool retreat

+  crab apple tree as the central point to provide shade
+  the present garden will be expanded to include new shade shrubs & pathway  
+  winding pathway with interlock memorial pavers
+  two memorial benches
+  Trinity Memorial Sculpture

garden design variations

sample concept designs

development can take place in stages
+  main path following the present garden and building
+  adding a second pathway around the tree
+  adding memorial paving   
+  adding shrubs & plantings

garden path & benches

memorial pathway

a variety of paving forms can be used -
+  rectangular or hexagonal brick
+  slab & gravel
+  memorial bricks would be part of the path

memorial benches

+  two benches
+  each bench for 2 or 3 seats  ~ 18" d x 18” h 
+  free-standing or part of a raised garden
+  granite / stone / brick uprights
+  cedar wood slat seating


Trinity Memorial Sculpture

memorial sculpture
+  to be dedicated to present & past parishioners
+  to house the Dot Kirby Memorial bells
+  forms gateway into the memorial garden
+  low-rise, free-standing structure
incorporating the simple style & flow of the church roof-line

sample concept designs

+  dimensions * 9'h x11'w + base
+  steel / concrete core construction for strength
+  clad in cedar wood for esthetics
+  mounted on a granite / stone / brick base

Dot Kirby memorial bells
+  three bells
+  each bell is * 13”h x 16” base plus yoke/stand
+  could be hung in various configurations
+  each housed within a triangle 

* all sizes are approximate   

all cedar wood, benches, structure & pathway colours
to be toned to match the church wood and brick

proposed funding
funding is to be from
+  present non-directed memorial funds
+  future memorial donations including:
paver stones, benches, plants & shrubs
the Trinity Memorial Sculpture
+  Bell memorial funds
+  directed funds

At the request of Corporation: the Memorial Garden & Trinity Memorial Sculpture proposals by the Memorial & Gifts Committee, are to be presented for parish approval at the February 2008 Vestry

St Mark's Memorial & Gifts Committee:
Cynthia Greer Margaret Lodge 
Jean Cobb   Coralie Sheehan  

St. Mark's Memorials & Gifts Committee will meet with you to discuss the options available
contact the church office 613-224-7341 /