St Mark's
Thanksgiving Memorials & Gifts:

a guideline to giving

Throughout our lives we celebrate many special occasions. Celebrations are a way of
giving thanks for what we have or had in our lives.  It could be a happy event,
the birth of a child, baptism, confirmation or marriage, but it could also be a time
when we remember the life of a loved one.

One way of giving our thanks is through a memorial or gift to various charities,
including religious institutions like St. Mark's.

St. Mark's understands that we all have different ways of expressing ourselves, and 
this relates to our way of giving thanks.

With this in mind, St. Mark's Thanksgiving Memorials & Gifts guideline looks at the
various ways that you can give. It will help you choose your gift.

what kind of gift can I give?

Your gift can be a direct donation to any outreach program that is supported by the Anglican Church of Canada
or St. Mark’s.  It could also be used by St. Mark’s to purchase a material gift.
St. Mark’s Parish Outreach: 
* Primate’s World Relief and
   Development  Fund (PWRDF)
* Parish Nurse Ministry
* Debra Dynes Family House
* St Mark's Planned Giving (Bequests)

Church Furnishings: (internal)
* fine linens
* chalice
* candles
* banners
* lighting
* music
* hymn books
* prayer books
* pews & furniture
Church Furnishings: (external)
* memorial garden:  pathway, trees, shrubs
* memorial sculpture   * bell* garden benches etc

Stained Glass Windows:
Sixteen side windows - completed December 2005
* Veterans
* Baptism
* Nativity
* Discipleship
* Miracles
* Good Shepherd
* Prayer
* St. Mark's
* Eucharist
* Trinity
* Pentecost
* Resurrection
* Good Fiday
* Palm/Passion
* Covenant
* Music/Word

what happens after I make a choice?

If your choice is to give to one of the Outreach programs, the money will go directly to that program,
as the general practice for donations.

If your choice is a material gift, a member of St. Mark's Memorials & Gifts Committee will meet with you
to discuss the options available.  

This Committee was formed to coordinate and facilitate the donation of gifts, and acts as a liaison
between the donor, the supplier and  Parish Council. This will enable a smooth and expedient process
both for the donor and St. Mark's.

For more details, please contact the Church office.