June - 2010 Special Edition Issue No. 23

Mark This Word 

Special Edition 

An edition of Mark This Word was due out on May 23, but because of health reasons, Sheila Vaudrey was not able to edit and publish it.

After discussion about what to do, it was decided to publish a special edition of the newsletter in order to keep parishioners informed about what was going on at St. Mark’s. There have been quite a few changes of significance to the life of the Parish.

We wish Sheila well and hope that she will be able to put her considerable skills to publishing the next newsletter in September.

New Office Administrator

Jennie Lee, who was featured in The Changing of the Guard in the last newsletter, has submitted her resignation because she wishes more flexibility in her retirement. So effective June 18, Jennie Lee retired from the job.

Our new Office Administrator is Margaret Pirnat and she will begin on June 15. Margaret is a member of the parish with a background in graphic design and bookkeeping. 

Office hours will not remain quite the same. They will be 9:00 AM to noon, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and 8AM to 11AM on Wednesday. If you find this confusing, just remember the office will always be open Monday to Thursday, 9AM to 11AM.


The Dorothea Kirby Bells & Trinity Monument
find their resting place in St Mark’s Memorial Garden

In the previous “Mark This Word” newsletter, we commented that “Rome was not built in a day. Neither was the Trinity sculpture to house the Dorothea Kirby memorial bells, but with unwavering determination and the ‘spirit’ of Dot ever present, the bells will soon be housed and displayed for all the world to see.” 

Halleluiah! We are pleased to announce that the bells and Trinity monument are now in place. 

When the Memorial Committee was created in 2004 to co-ordinate gift funds, we recognized the need for a solution for the three Dorothea Kirby Memorial Bells, given in 1998 by daughter Sharon (Kirby) and Marc Lacasse. 

An idea, discussed by the committee from the start, was to create a memorial garden, to commemorate past and present parishioners. It was to be a garden of peace where people could gather. The original plan had a sculpture representing the Trinity – three bells, three angles – as a gateway to the path. Plans for both garden and sculpture changed over the years until a final proposal was accepted for the overall garden, pathway and bell sculpture. 

The original plan for the bells was to erect a bell tower. This was not feasible at the time. In 2000 the project was put on hold, and a bell trust fund was set up, including funds given in Dot’s memory. Further donations were added over the years and when John Kirby passed away in 2008, new funds were given in his memory.

It remained dormant until the memorial committee took over and proposed new options in 2006, including a simple A-frame concept, following the line of the church roof, which was accepted by John and the family, and also by the parish. After three years of working together a solution was found. 

The memorial pathway was installed by Jonsyl Landscaping in the summer of 2009. It was dedicated on Thanksgiving Sunday 2009. The bell monument, a modified version of the original A-frame triangle, entirely in steel, was constructed by RPMetal, and was installed in May this year, with plans for a Thanksgiving 2010 dedication.
The memorial garden marked the end our 6th decade as a parish, and the memorial bells and Trinity monument mark the beginning of a new decade. The garden itself is a creation in progress. There are plans for memorial benches, memorial bricks and new plantings around the pathway.
The potential is as small or as large as our vision allows. 

Our thanks go to the parishioners who supported us with this project. Special thanks go to Paul, Lorne and Les for assisting with supervision and installation. Halleluiah! 

Cynthia Greer & Margaret Lodge
2010 Memorial Committee 

Bell Monument Funding

All the money that was spent on the bell structure was given in memorial donations in memory of Dot or John Kirby. For those who might suggest that the money should have been spent on other things, think carefully on what you are saying. Money given in memorials is money given as a token of esteem for a loved one who has passed away and in the Kirby bells case, it was money specifically given for that purpose. To spend it on something else would have broken a trust between those who had given the money and St. Mark’s. That is not something we would even consider doing or that the diocese would permit.

from the TREASURER

The finances at the time of the last newsletter looked pretty good with the income for January and February exceeding our expectations. Unfortunately, that situation changed in March and income is now below expectation. We have slipped slightly every month in the last three months and our income for the year is now about $3,000 below expectations in spite of being almost $2,000 above at the end of February. We are still looking at a deficit for the end of this fiscal year.

On another note, as mentioned above, it is good to see the funds which had been directed to the bell monument finally being spent for the purpose for which they were donated. Certainly, I have many fond memories of Dot and John who were so much a part of my growing up in the choir.

– Joy Bowerman

from the Bazaar Convenor  

As you go through the more relaxed (maybe) months of the summer, please keep the parish bazaar in mind. If you are preserving, consider putting aside some jars or a batch to sell at the bazaar. We do very well on our preserves table. If you are thinking about some special craft project, consider doing something for the bazaar as well. 

I am very pleased to have had several people come to me with interesting ideas for the bazaar. 

Although I have not had a chance to speak with all my convenors, I know that at least a couple are looking to retire or take a sabbatical. I am looking for a convenor for the books (retiring) and one for the bake table (sabbatical). If you are interested in these positions, please contact me at 613-224-7028 or more reliably at tjsad@rogers.com.

The bazaar is the single largest fundraising event for the parish and makes a big difference in the bottom line at the end of the year. (That would be my other hat.)

– Joy Bowerman 
General Convenor 



Staff Vacations

Patti Robillard  -  July 12-16 & July 25 - August 8.
Margaret Pirnat  - July 24 - August 9.
Fr. Brian  - August 17- September 12, & September 29, 30 and October 1.

Fr. Matthew Borden is available to take Sunday Services, but doesn’t drive any longer.

Assistance with transportation will be required. If anyone would like to help with that, please talk to Fr. Brian.


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