December 2007 Issue No. 13

The Bishop's
Christmas present to St Mark's

November 15, 2007

The Churchwardens
St. Mark's Anglican Church
1606 Fisher Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2C lX6

Dear Friends in Christ:

Please arrange to have this letter read at your services of worship on Sunday, November 18,2007.

It is my pleasure to announce that I have appointed the Reverend Brian Kauk to be your Incumbent, following his nomination by your Parish Committee. This appointment takes effect February 1, 2008.

Brian was ordained in this diocese in 1996 and began his ministry as Assistant Curate at St. John's, Smith Falls. Since then, he served in the Parish of Clayton and the Parish of Christ Church Bell's Comers as Rector and Assistant Curate respectively. In 2001, Brian was appointed to the Parish of Winchester, Chesterville, South Mountain and Crysler, and during his incumbency, guided the parish in a creative process of amalgamation resulting in the formation of the Parish of North Dundas. Brian has offered faithful service at the diocesan level as well. He performed his duties as Co-Chair of the Strategic Planning Task Force with skill and dedication. He is also the Regional Dean of Stormont. Brian is married to Brenda Adam and they have four adult children: Dana, Chet, Tristyn, and Adam.

I thank members of your Parish Committee, Archdeacon Paul Blunt, and Barbara Petepiece for working on the Official Committee and guiding the appointment process of your new Incumbent.

I know you will welcome Brian, Brenda, and their family into your community. As your new Incumbent blesses you with his many gifts, I count on you to support him with the gifts the Spirit has given each one of you. Please know of my prayers as you continue faithful in your calling to be the body of Christ.

I remain,

Yours in the Faith of Christ,

The Right Reverend John H. Chapman,
Bishop of Ottawa

Sending off the Steinkes in Style

St Mark's Family Day - November 25, 2007

St Mark's was alive with the sound of children on November 25.

Our Mothers' Union group had organized a Family Reunion, to celebrate Baptism and the Reign of Christ. Fourteen young families, over 50 people, were part of this joyous occasion, led by our friend and guest priest, Rev Margo Whittaker, assisted by Janis Perkin, Ariane Dind and MU members. Sarah and Alex Dee read the lessons and Delaney McGill shared the prayers of the people.

The rafters were raised with children's voices, parading around the church waving flags and wearing crowns. The celebration was followed by lunch provided by MU.

Halleluiah  -  praise ye the Lord  ....  the King is in Residence here 

St Mark’s E-Prayer - the New Wave

A praying church in the 21st Century

In the past, as the unofficial e-mail-list-compiler of the parish, I have passed on requests for prayers, in a very informal way, to my St Mark’s e-mail contacts.

One of those on-going prayers this year was for Kate & Steve and their twins: sharing months of concern before the birth, weeks of anticipation, followed by joyous celebration at the safe delivery, and photos of OUR babies.

Recently I was approached to continue this 'service' on a more formal basis, to augment the prayers already being offered at St Mark’s. I spoke with a number of people for their support in this venture. It has now been approved by the corporation, and guidelines created to conform to Diocesan policy to protect all concerned. St Mark’s new e-prayer is born ...  you ask and I will send.

St Mark’s E-Prayer Guidelines

St Mark’s E-Prayer is an e-mail service for people who wish to be included in the daily prayers of St Mark’s parishioners, either as a praying participant or one for whom prayers are being said.  Prayers can be for health, thanksgiving, comfort, peace, etc...

The criteria for being an e-mail praying member:
Simply e-mail the coordinator and ask that your e-mail address be included as a praying member.

The criteria for being prayed for:
The prayer recipients must contact the coordinator themselves * in writing (e-mail if possible) and provide their name, any information about their situation that they agree could be published on the prayer e-mail, and what category their prayer requirements fall under. Should the prayer recipient wish their name to be included in the church bulletin they can simply instruct the coordinator to notify the church office.
* In the event that a person is incapacitated, his or her family could request that the individual be placed on the prayer list, at the discretion of the priest or coordinator,  if all the criteria above are followed.

The criteria for sending an e-prayer mailing:
There will be no personal information such as address, telephone numbers or any contact information that would be deemed of a personal nature allowed on this list.

When the e-prayers are sent, the e-mail address list will be sent as a blind list. 

The list will not be shared with any others or used for any other purpose than St Mark’s e-prayers.

The list will be updated and sent out only as needed (possibly just monthly) unless there is a special urgency.

Thank you for those who have used this service and have added people to their prayers in the past.
Thank you for those who see the need for this service and asked me to continue it -
if only one extra person offers their prayers it will be worth while.

E-Prayer Coordinator:
Margaret Lodge

Getting to know your Parish Groups

These programs are listed on St Mark's website: . The list was requested by Les Cundell, Stewardship-Communications Committee, as an introduction to what is available in the parish and whom to contact if you would like to join.

Altar Guild: A team responsible for the care and beautification of the Sanctuary and Altar. Each group works on a rotation basis. Contact: Gale Deering (613-228-6183)

Anglican Church Women (ACW): All Women's groups come under the ACW umbrella.
Circle 2: A fundraising/fellowship group, meeting and working together to raise funds for the Church. The main fundraiser is the annual Art Show, held in the spring. The group also makes Christmas puddings. It meets the first Monday of the month at 12 noon. Contact: Jackie Sortleet (613-224-8510)
Mothers' Union: A worldwide Christian organization that promotes the well-being of families. It sponsors the Parish Picnic and BBQ, Advent Wreath making and Advent Giving Tree. Although not a fundraising group, it does run the Sunday book exchange for outreach funding. The group presently meets the third Thursday of the month for lunch in a member's home.  Contact: Cynthia Greer (613-723-2680)

Outreach: Contact: Gillian Morris (613-723-0418)
Debra-Dynes Family House:A locally run, multi­service community resource program. Parishioners support the program via funding, the Food Bank, various special projects, and by volunteering.
Contact: Georgia Roberts (613-226-5693)
Operation Christmas Child: become an annual project for all parishioners, to pack a special "shoe box" full of small gifts for a needy boy or girl.

Pastoral Care Ministry: Contact: Georgia Roberts (613-226-5693).
Pastoral Care Team & Friendly Visitors Team:A team of specially trained and dedicated parishioners who assist in pastoral ministry in the parish, Perley Rideau-Veterans Hospital and Crystal View Lodge.
Parish Nursing Ministry:  Provides health education and health counseling for groups and individuals in St Mark's parish community. St Mark's Parish Nurse is Patti Robillard. Patti is a registered nurse who is available 12 hours per week. Contact: Patti Robillard (613-224-7431 - Church Office)

Prayer Group: A group that meets every Tuesday evening for biblical reflection and prayer. Members of the Healing Prayer Team minister at the Sunday 10:00 am service. Contact: Carol Dicks (613-224-0858)

Scouts: The 72nd-Ottawa St Mark's Scouting Group is a co-ed program for ages 5 to 14, with programs held each week at St Rita's School, from September to May. Contact: Don Flynn (613-723-1772)

Slim & Trim: An exercise group aimed mostly at seniors, held Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 am. Contact: Jenny Morphew (613-225-6301)

Church Service Groups:
Choir:  Junior and Senior choirs practice on Thursdays. The choirs have a varied repertoire and take part every Sunday at the 10:00 am Sung Eucharist. They also take part in special services throughout the year, including Evensongs, Advent, Christmas, Holy Week and Easter. 
Contact:  Ariane Dind (613-230-4147)
Servers Guild: Trained young people and adults who assist the clergy during church services.
Contact: Jenny Morphew (613-225-6301)
Lay Administrators of Communion: Trained adults who assist the clergy during church services and who take Home Communion for shut-ins. Contact: the Rector
Readers: Individuals who read the appointed Scriptural passages during church services.
Contact: the Rector
Sidespeople & Counters: Individuals who greet worshippers at the start of church services, help to direct the flow of traffic during services, and tally the givings at the end of the services.
Contact: Les Cundell (613-225-8779)

A Note from
the Treasurer

Last year when we were working on the budget, we tabled a deficit budget, knowing that we would not be paying a Rector's salary for the last three months of the year, and hoping this fact would be enough to make up the deficit. Transition years are always difficult. Typically, givings go down in the interim period and, while the cost of priestly services may be less, other expenses keep going on.

As of the end of November, our current year's expenses had exceeded our income by about $10,000. This is an improvement over where we were at the end of October, but still fairly alarming. Our givings have dropped below the budgeted value by more than $10,000. Ending the year with a positive balance in the budget is not looking hopeful. We will not be able to pay the extra $676.00 to Synod (this is an increase in our Fair Share requested by the Diocese after out budget had been approved for present ation to Vestry, which was requested to offset the deficit generated by last year's Diocesan Synod after it voted not to reduce the amount sent to General Synod).

We are at a point where everybody needs to pull their weight. We welcome a new beginning next year, and it would be wonderful to embrace that new beginning with a clean slate - i.e. no debt. Thank you all.

- Joy Bowerman

There's More to Prayer

The Something More prayer and action group stems from the Visioning session held in May this year, one of the expressed visions being the desire for St Mark's to become known as a praying church. We ask that members of the congregation pray for the group as we go out and meet in parishioners' homes and various locations with the intention of spreading a blanket of prayer across the city. We welcome new members: as meeting times and places vary, please call Terry at 613-248-1817 or Keith at 613-248-1987 for information.

To date, the group has met eight times, usually in the homes of the members. Special meetings were held on Friday, July 27, when we held our meeting in the Elizabeth Bruyere Chapel, and met with Johanne Barnham, who was recuperating at the hospital there, and her son Vaughn and daughter Allison. On Friday, October 5, we met at the home of Ann and David Matthews, and surprised David with balloons and a cake to celebrate his birthday on the actual day. On Saturday, October 13, we gathered at the Food Bank located at 1317 Michael Street, where we prayed in the Board Room. About an hour later, Sean, the Operations Manager, gave us the assignment of unpacking three gigantic boxes of crackers, cookies, etc., into smaller boxes ready for distribution. We then unloaded two large containers of grocery donations into small boxes, ensuring that each box contained the same item, ie., beans, condiments, pasta, etc., labelled the boxes accordingly, taped the boxes, and placed them on a skid so that they could be moved and readied for shipment. We worked at this until about 1:30 p.m. Sean thanked us for our help and said that we had processed approximately one and a half tons of food, which would serve the community for about one week or serve every seat in Scotiabank Place. Sean told us a little about the operation: there are 126 outlets regularly served and sometimes others if supplies are high. It was of particular interest that Debra­Dynes is one of the regular outlets served by this location. Following, some of us were able to enjoy lunch and fellowship at Rockin' Johnny's Diner on St. Laurent Boulevard. On Friday, October 27, we met at Marie-Claire Douglas' home, where we began our meeting for prayer in memory of her son Alex, who died suddenly in Edmonton on Monday, October 15,2007.

In the near future we plan to go to St Luke's on Somerset Street to see their new labyrinth flooring in the Church Basement, where The Lunch Club is held on Mondays to Fridays. We plan to pray, hopefully with members of St Luke's congregation, and learn about the Labyrinth and how to meditate whilst using it. Also, some have requested that the group come to their homes and pray with them, and we plan to do this soon.

 - Ann Matthews

SOLD ... the last rectory
in three Ottawa Deaneries

With the departure of Fr. Roger and Karen Steinke, St Mark's had occasion to re-examine its ownership of the Rectory on Normandy Crescent. Fewer and fewer parishes have rectories these days. Those that do in the City are using them for things besides housing the rector (mostly they are rental properties or occupied by an assistant priest), with the sole exception of St Mark's.

The Wardens and Deputy Wardens decided to consult with parishioners at coffee time after the Sunday services about the idea of selling the Rectory. This was followed by a special meeting of the Vestry that took place April 22, 2007. There was little support in the Parish for retaining the Rectory and renting it out, and no volunteers to manage the property. Much of the concern expressed by persons doubtful of the proposal to sell hinged on the rear portion of the deep Rectory lot (the grassed area south of the parking lot): the suggestion was made that St Mark's retain this for our own use and sell only the front portion. This would have involved expenses of nearly $6,000 (severance application plus rezoning application) plus the cost of a land survey, but it likely would have been approved by the City. The Vestry voted to give the Corporation (subject to a vote by Parish Council) approval to sell the Rectory with or without a severance of the back portion according to whether it judged this prudent.

We engaged a professional real estate appraiser who works for Regional Group to appraise the Rectory property both as a whole and severed into two pieces. The appraisal report indicated that the difference in the likely seIling price between the large unsevered property and the severed front portion of the property (with the house and garage on it) was about $100,000. This would mean a significant difference (about four or five thousand dollars) in annual income for St Mark's. Given that we will be paying our next Rector a housing allowance, that shortfall would have to be made up somehow, most likely in increased givings. The Corporation supported the sale of the entire property, and Parish Council voted in favour ofthe proposal.

The property was left in good condition by Fr. Roger and Karen. Lome Bowerman repainted the woodwork in the kitchen, and he and his helpers removed some things that had been left there from long ago. With a sign on the property and a flyer posted at Madonna della Risurrezione, about five parties were shown through the house by Lome. One of these made an offer, which was countered and accepted on October 15. The conditions were lifted on October 24 and the deal will close on December 3.

As required by the Diocese, the proceeds of the sale minus the expenses will be invested in the Consolidated Trust Fund, and the resulting investment income will go to St Mark's (and will help to defray the cost of the housing allowance for our future Rector).

If you would like to know more, feel free to ask the Churchwardens (Dave Whitman and Coralie Sheehan) or Deputy Wardens (Judy Corbishley and David Matthews).

 - David Matthews

Joy to the World

Nativity Window given
to the Glory of God
by St Mark's ACW

It's been said (very pessimistically) that the two things in life that never go away are death and taxes. For the sake of both truth and optimism, let's add two more: change ... and birth.

Change is inevitable and unavoidable, and it doesn't ask our opinion on just how convenient its timing might be. It leaves its stamp on death, when we face a major holiday for the first time without a loved one. It influences the tax rate, when we're shopping for gifts and paying the government for the privilege of owning our own homes. It brings strangers into the family for us to learn to know, and sends long-time members away towards new horizons. And it completely alters our comfortable routine when a baby is born not necessarily for the worse, but the upheaval is undeniable.

Let us pause and remember one particular Baby. He knew what it felt like to be hungry, and cold, and homeless. He had to pay taxes; in fact He advocated paying taxes. He had to watch His father die and His friends desert, and He knew all along exactly how He Himself was going to die. He understood the power of change like no other mortal ever has, because He came among us specifically to bring change. That change was certainly not for the worse, but its upheaval cannot be understated. And yet, it was all preceded by a precious little miracle. Nothing could be more appropriate than to have such a social, political, spiritual, global earthquake heralded by the joy and promise of human birth.

Let us not forget how important this Baby is to our world and to our race. Let us not allow this Baby's cries for food and shelter and family and justice and peace to be drowned out by our hectic lives. We too cry for food and shelter and family and justice and peace, all too often feeling unheard against the cacophony of the world's self- centredness. But we do not cry alone, and we do not go unheard. As we wrestle daily with both routine and change, as we pay bills and taxes, as we confront the distractions and demands of holiday fever, as we miss those newly absent and cuddle those newly born, we must remember that this Baby was born to walk this road with us ... no matter how sad or stressful or painful ... every step of the way. We must never downplay this Baby's role as Saviour and King and Judge and Friend. Let heaven and nature sing!

- Sheila Vaudrey

A symposium with Brian McLaren
for the Diocese of Ottawa

On September 28 and 29,2007, three members of St Mark's, Greg and Rachel Bloomquist and Betty Caughlin, attended this challenging and invigorating event. The following are reflections from the day:

What kind of a world do we live in?
· We live in a rapidly changing world, which at times can be compared to being in the midst of a hurricane. The wonders of God are even greater than the troubles that surround us.
· There is such an array of choices of belief and practice that it is no longer a given that people who are looking for hope and meaning will come within the walls of our churches.

What are we called to be?
· More than ever, we need to be a missional people; that is, we are sent into the world to bring hope and healing. We receive the blessing so that we can be the blessing! (See Isaiah 42.) We are to approach others with humility and a generosity of spirit.
· Jesus didn't come to make Christians to be an exclusive huddle. He came to make disciples, followers of Jesus who invite others to follow Jesus, to learn from Him and to have their lives transformed by Him.
· God loves the world. We have marred it. God sent Jesus to heal.
· God brings healing not only for ourselves, but also that we may bring healing into the world.

What do we need we do?
In preparation for being disciples, we train ourselves to do things that are currently beyond our ability. Like runners preparing for a marathon, we need to prepare.
· One of the ways that we prepare to be disciples is through the practice of internal and external spiritual disciplines. We pray that we will be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit in these changing times.
· We learn from the Scriptures not simply so that we may have doctrinally correct answers, but so that we may learn how to live. We are to follow Christ in word and deed.
· With the Apostle Paul, we are called to the way of love. Paul's words in I Corinthians 13 (often read for weddings) invite and challenge all of us to live in the way of love. Many people are hungry to belong somewhere. Christ calls us as disciples to invite those who are lonely and broken into community. This is good news!

In an interview for an article in Crosstalk, Brian McLaren said that what he wanted those attending the symposium to leave with was hope. "If we trust God and if we rediscover the Good News and we focus on loving God and our neighbours, there's a great future ahead" (Crosstalk, November 2007, p 9).
"I [Jesus] give you a new commandment, that you love one another.
Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another." (John 13:34, NRSV )

- Respectfully submitted by
  Betty Caughlin, Greg and Rachel Bloomquist
BRIAN D. McLAREN is a pastor, author, speaker and networker among innovative Christian leaders. He is the founding pastor of Cedar Ridge Community Church in the Baltimore-Washington region (, a church which has become a leader among emerging missional congregations.
More information can be found at

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