May  2007        Issue No. 11

St Mark's Café

Pentecost Window
given by
Joan Knight & family

Since the inception of Bishop Reed Hall in the late 1960’s, St Mark’s has run an excellent café and has entertained many groups. This is not a difficult task for St Mark’s, with its many excellent cooks who are always happy to share their culinary skills with others.

This spring has been no exception. The Annual Art Show took place on April 21st, and St Mark’s always provides a light luncheon for artists, volunteers and buyers alike. Everyone enjoyed the excellent art displays, and a number of those works now have new homes.

On our patronal feast day, April 25th, Bishop Peter Coffin presided over the Service of Confirmation for Delores, Ashley and Lindsey Whitman and Sarah Dee, officially received Erik Kristjansson and Gail Denton-Volk into the Anglican Communion, and officiated at the 40th anniversary renewal of Enid and Terry Thompson’s marriage vows. This thrice-happy event was followed by a huge potluck where everyone contributed to the feast. That group generosity in no way detracts from the dedicated volunteers who set up beforehand and cleaned up afterwards.

The first May event was held on May 2nd, when St Mark’s Café was opened for the entertainment of “The Seniors and Shut-ins” of our parish. Several drivers delivered some 40 seniors to the event. We started with a Eucharist in the Church, and then retired to the Hall where a delicious light lunch, including fruit and delectable desserts, was served. The seniors were entertained by St Rita’s Junior Choir, who sang many songs. Patti Robillard, our Parish Nurse, and her committee were in charge of the arrangements. Everyone had a very good time. This was the fourth Seniors’ Luncheon.

Then just a couple of nights later on Friday May 4th, the Café in the Hall was set forth for a wondrous banquet. This time it was the Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen and their many guests, who were holding a dinner to raise money to sponsor a student studying at St Paul University through a scholarship. This dinner was catered and there were about 70 people present, more than half of them from St Mark’s. George McGill and his Barbershop Quartet group “Shades of Gray” provided the entertainment. This was the third year this event has been held at St Mark’s.

The Parish Visioning took place on May 6th, after the 10AM service, and again people contributed lots of sandwiches and nibblies. This event provided a great deal of food for thought, and sufficient food for nourishment was naturally required.

On May 17th we opened again, this time for the Retired Clergy, spouses and widows of the diocese. This event has been held at St Mark’s for 25 years, usually on the Feast of the Ascension. This year it coincided with the Consecration of the new Bishop Coadjutor. The luncheon took place at noon, the consecration in the evening at the Cathedral. The retired clergy look forward to this event each year, with its mouth-watering roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and tasty desserts. There is not usually any entertainment per se; however, greetings were read from those who were unable to come. Being true to form, this dinner was preceded by a service in the Church. The cooks for this one are traditionally the ladies of the parish, as are the servers.

The chefs of St Mark’s always look after us in royal manner, ensuring that we eat well, and we are very grateful. The kingdom of heaven has been likened to a great banquet, and no doubt our parishioners will be serving up potluck feasts for all time.

- Marion Stalter



“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
To Him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.”

2 Peter 3:18 (N.R.S.V.)

As I write this I realize that the first time to cut the grass will be very soon, if it hasn’t started already, and that the time period covered by this edition of our newsletter is pretty well the grass-cutting time of the year. The grass actually only needs cutting if it grows. When there is not the right balance of sunshine, rain and warmth, it does not grow so well. If the summer ends up being very dry and hot, the grass gets burned out. So some people are conscientious about watering their grass and gardens and carefully nurturing the growth of nature’s produce.

So also, our own bodies and minds and spirits need balanced nurturing and healthy feeding, in order for us to be whole persons. This is not only the “green season” outside. It is the “green season” inside the Church with our liturgical colour for vestments and Altar paraments. Green symbolizes growth. The summer challenge, when routine events, programs and activities wind down in the church and community, is to hone our personal disciplines of prayer, Bible and spiritual reading, reflecting and being still. For us as Christians, this means consciously drawing closer to Christ. Those who are traveling may have the opportunity to meet and worship in other parishes on their travels, which is always an enriching experience.

I will be away this summer from July 9 to August 11, and again from August 31 to September 3 (the Labour Day weekend). The Rev. David Lajeunesse will be presiding and preaching at the Sunday Eucharists during this time, and Canon Matthew Borden at the Wednesday Eucharists. Information for clergy on emergency call will be with Claudette in the parish office and with the Church wardens.

I pray that your summer will be a time for growth, with balanced exercise of body, mind and spirit. Exposing ourselves to the presence of Christ through Word and Sacrament, prayer and fellowship, in spirit and truth, is to learn in our human experience what all nature knows inherently: that it is God who gives the growth. When parish members who have been dispersed through the summer return in the fall with new growth in the grace and love and peace and joy of our Lord, the whole Church will be built up. May your summer be filled with the grace, peace and joy that living in the light of Christ brings – your heart filled with the Holy Spirit and your mind with the Wisdom from above.

Your fellow disciple on the road,

- Roger Steinke +

St Mark's Mothers' Union presents:

The Joe Savill Award – 2007
72nd Ottawa – St Mark’s
Scouts Group

St Mark’s, Ottawa - February 18, 2007: Baden-Powell Week, 100 years of Scouting, the 72nd Ottawa-St Mark’s 50th anniversary, and the dedication and first presentation of the “Joe Savill Award” to the youth who shows the true spirit of scouting.

Scout Sonya Ardley
Joe Savill was a man who understood the importance of the scouting movement, and the type of training it provided in making good citizens. In 1997 he was honoured by Scouts Canada for 40 years of dedication to St Mark’s scouting program.

Cynthia Greer, MU Branch Leader,
presents the plaque to Don Flynn,
Chair of St Mark's Group Committee
Joe was a member of Group Committee, and was involved in bottle drives, paper drives and fertilizer sales. He was known as THE Quartermaster, and kept a very tight rein on all the equipment, everything stored away, and secured with a bunch of keys which never left his possession.

Joe was also a very active member of St Mark’s Church, especially when it came to rummage sales or garage sales. He could sell anything to anyone, and for a good price too. He remained active until 1999, when he and his wife Dorothy “retired” and left Ottawa. Dorothy, a former MU member, died a few years ago. Joe is now in his 89th year.

St Mark’s Mothers’ Union donated this award in acknowledgement of the dedication to our local youth by many leaders, past and present. The Joe Savill Award became the obvious choice of name, as Joe had been so much a part of St Mark’s scouting from the beginning, and was a very well-known, much-loved, active member of this parish.

Through this award, the contribution Joe made by his love and dedication to 72nd Ottawa and St Mark’s will be kept alive. 

The “Joe Savill Award” was presented to Scout Sonya Ardley, and will be given annually to the Scout, Cub or Beaver who shows the true spirit of scouting in their life.

- St Mark's Mothers' Union  


Approximately forty people attended the Stewardship Visioning Session for St Mark’s on Sunday, May 6, following the 10:00 AM service and a potluck lunch. Although this was not a huge number, the session, which ended at approximately 2:15 PM, was very productive. This was the first stewardship meeting since the appointment of Terry Thompson and Ann Matthews as Stewardship Officers at the 2006 Vestry Meeting.

The session began with worship, followed by an introduction on what the Stewardship Team had done prior to this event… which included their attendance at a Diocesan Conference and four stewardship workshops: Visioning, Narrative Budgets, Tithing (for Clergy only) and Mentoring. (A fifth workshop, From Scarcity to Abundance, was held in late May.) Those present then formed small groups to discuss their “visions” for St. Mark’s in the future. Each group reported back their ideas to the group at large, at which time all the visions were recorded. Following this, each parishioner was allowed three votes to establish the top choices. The outcome of the visioning session resulted in many ideas being generated.

The top six are as follows, in alphabetical order:

1. Announcements, Communications, Keeping in Touch:
This was almost universally agreed upon as an area in our ministry that needs considerable improvement. Les Cundell volunteered to oversee this vision, and Donna Cundell offered to assist him. They plan to report back to the Stewardship Team by June 6, 2007.

2.Contemporary Service:
It was proposed that we re-attempt a new format for worship with more modern language and music. Sheila Vaudrey volunteered to oversee this vision, and agreed to report back to the Stewardship Team by June 17, 2007. (Erik Kristjansson will also be helping with this.)

3. Praying Church:
The praying ministries already in place in our parish can be enhanced, so that we come to be known as a praying Church. Terry Thompson volunteered to oversee this vision, and Enid Thompson and Carol Dicks offered to assist him. They plan to report back to the Stewardship Team by June 15, 2007.

4. Welcoming Committee:
This would be aimed at generally making visitors and newcomers feel more at home among us. Erik Kristjansson and Lindsay Hawn volunteered to oversee this vision, and report back to the Stewardship Team by June 6, 2007.

5. Youth Ministry:
This will attempt to encourage the youth of our parish to become more involved and to provide them with the support they need. Cynthia Greer volunteered to oversee this vision, and provide an interim report to the Stewardship Team by June 30, 2007.

The work to be undertaken in these areas is not to affect any ongoing ministries, but rather to enhance what is already happening at St Marks and/or to initiate new ideas. Another of the six visions was to maintain the present Parish Nursing and Debra Dynes ministries and to increase the Pastoral Care ministry (no particular individual took responsibility for leading this effort).

The session included scripture readings and praise throughout the entire meeting and ended with worship. The Stewardship Team will be reporting back to the congregation in due course. In the meantime, if anyone would like further information, please speak to one of the Stewardship Team Members:
Lindsay Hawn, Erik Kristjansson, Ann Matthews, David Matthews, Gillian Morris and Terry Thompson.


Rev Blair Peever

Many of you will remember my son Blair as he grew up at St Mark’s. He was baptized, sang in the junior choir, was a server, was confirmed and was married here. He then went off to Toronto to follow God’s call at Wycliffe College.

On May 12, 2002 (Mothers Day), Blair was ordained as Deacon in the Ontario Diocese in Kingston. A large number of our St Mark’s family attended. In July, he was then appointed Deacon-in-charge in the parish of Kente, Prince Edward County, and, following his ordination as Priest in December, he became their Rector.

Once again, on February 11, 2007, a number of you made the trip to Kingston, this time for his Induction service at Christ Church Cataraqui. Blair, Kassy, their three children, Samantha, Matthew and Alora, Lawrence and myself, thank you for your continued support. Last year, Blair became Ontario Diocesan Chaplain to the Mothers’ Union. In Christ Church’s February newsletter, he wrote his first articles as their Priest. They were about the Mothers’ Union, and I would like to share them with you.
    Mothers’ Union Group at Christ Church Cataraqui:
    February is Valentine’s month and that always gets me thinking about relationships, our
     relationships with each other and with God. It seems sometimes that our world is changing
    at a faster and faster pace each year. These changes have brought us a new prosperity
    and wonders that we could not have imagined even 150 years ago.

    Unfortunately this rapid change and growth has also brought with it many stresses and
    challenges. It is frightening what impact these new challenges have had on marriage
    and family life. All too often when seeking help and support, there is nowhere to turn.
    I believe that the Church needs to be a place where everyone can come to find the answer
    to all of our problems – Jesus Christ.

    One way we can help today’s families is through the Mothers’ Union. That is why I jumped
    at the chance to become the Diocesan Chaplin to the Mothers’ Union last year. The MU
    is an organization doing its best to strengthen and support families. To that end I wish to
    begin a MU group in our Parish. This will be a place for people to gather to pray, to socialize
    and to help each other deal with the issues surrounding marriage and family life, including
    the task of raising a Christian child in today’s world.

    The MU is not a fund-raising group. They do a little of this for things such as the Northern
    Clergy fund, to which you can find a link on the same web site under outreach. However,
    unlike many other church groups, this one does not have fund raising as a part of its
    Fr. Blair+

Each MU branch of the Canadian Mothers’ Union is linked to another Canadian branch, and at least one international branch.

At St Mark’s we meet on the first Wednesday of the month. We have our own e-mail prayer chain, where we pray for others in Canada, and support each other, not just during adverse times but also in shared celebration of family achievements. We do raise funds for outreach through our annual picnic, BBQ and the weekly book sales.

The Mothers’ Union and St Mark’s has been and continues to be a great support to me and my family, and I am proud that Blair will continue to pass that support on to others.

- Kay Peever


St Mark’s Choir celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006. We acknowledged three long-term members, Bobbi Cain, John Kirby and Ray Davidson on St Mark’s Sunday in April, and then gave a free parish concert in June.

The hall was full to capacity with parishioners, friends, family, former choristers and directors. Every choir was represented: Boys and Girls’ choirs, Juniors and Senior choristers from every decade. Former choir directors Fred Graham and Don Marjerrison were there, and also our present director Ariane Dind.

The theme of the concert was “A Musical Stroll down Memory Lane,” with music and history threaded around founding director Fred Maskell’s 1956 report to Vestry. It included classical pieces, by Britten, Lloyd-Weber, Rutter, Handel, Duruflé and Croft. On a more lighter note there were three little ‘maids’, wallowing hippos, caterwauling cats and Noah's boa. Choristers also presented a fashion show of gowns and attire through the ages.

This year, the choir is looking at acquiring new gowns, to replace the ones purchased in the 1980s, and is in the process of raising funds.

To help funding, two CDs have been recorded and pro- duced by Ray Davidson:
Choral Highlights of the First 50 Years – including music by the Boys choirs, and Senior choirs to the present day;

A Musical Stroll down Memory Lane – is the choral part of the June 2006 anniversary concert.

A DVD, A Musical Stroll down Memory Lane - the video

has been produced of the full June 2006 concert, with the choral music, hymns and history of the choirs, plus a few extras, including choir music and photos, past and present, and video clips of our first choir camps. Thanks for concert material go to Glen McGill (video), Sheila Vaudrey (stills), and Ray Davidson for concert audio and archive audio and photography.

Both CDs ($15 each) and the DVD video ($25) can be ordered through Margaret Lodge or Ray Davidson … or if that fails, order forms (3 different ones) are on the MUSIC bulletin board in the Link.

– Margaret Lodge
Choir 50th Anniversary Concert Organizer


On Sunday, April 22, a Special Vestry was called to discuss the future of 1118 Normandy Crescent. At this time, Fr. Roger is the only priest in three Ottawa deaneries still living in a rectory. For obvious reasons, priests today prefer to invest in the equity of their own home.

The Special Vestry covered some very worthwhile options. The entire property with the building could be sold as a whole. Or, the back portion that abuts St Mark’s parking lot could be severed and retained by the parish with an eye for possible expansion of the parking lot in the future. Or, the Rectory could be demolished and the whole property retained. Yet another option would have been to keep the Rectory and rent it out. And finally, there was still the chance, however slim, that our next incumbent might wish to live in the Rectory at least at the start of his/her term with St Mark’s.

The overwhelming verdict, both from the voters who attended and from parishioners who spoke up beforehand, was to sell now. The property will be appraised both as a whole and as two separate sections, in order to determine whether or not it would be feasible to sever and retain the “back forty” stretch. The parish will be kept fully informed of the progress to this investigation. §


Overall, I would say we’re in satisfactory financial shape – nothing to write home about, but also nothing to be sunk in the depths of despair about either. We are about $4000 behind in our envelope income, but it is partially offset by the open collections, with the net result that we are about $1600 behind in offerings. Our expenses have been holding steady with the largest heating and electricity bills behind us. Activities are beginning to slow down in anticipation of the summer vacation. With that, expenses slow down. Unfortunately, our income also slows down as well. We hope to continue to hold steady.

– Joy Bowerman


This course is designed to help us find our centre in God. The use of clay helps us in our understanding of a living Lord.

Spiritually inspired sculpture can open our minds to how Christ lives within us. Clay gives life to the written Word. We are the clay, God is the Potter, and God knows His clay. Clay is in a constant state of becoming. Like ourselves, clay is transformed by its creator, and it is loved by its creator.

The more time we spend in the presence of our Creator, the more beautiful and more perfect we become – more purely the person He intended us to be.

Jeremiah 19 prompted me to become a potter and clay medium artist. Jeremiah was invited by God to the potters’ house to hear God’s voice. Here he received a demonstration that as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are we in God’s hand.

I’ve studied God’s word all my life, and I’ve applied it with my art for over twenty years.

During our classes together, we will create four sculptures. One of them will be a figure of yourself walking with Christ, holding His hand. The next three will be meditatively inspired through focus upon the Readings and proper Psalm for the following Sunday.

The classes begin in the second week of September. The cost is $100.00 per person.

Inspired and interested people, please call the Teacher at 819-685-0144.

Danita Poelzer

Mark This Word

Any and all contributions are welcome. It is a great convenience to receive files electronically, but I shall willingly transcribe for people who do not have computer access. The best method for e-files is to save them in Rich Text Format (RTF) and email them to me.  Hard copy can be mailed or handed to me on Sundays at St Mark’s.

Next submission deadline:  August 26, 2007.

- Sheila Vaudrey  Editor


And there was silence in heaven
for about half an hour.
 (Rev. 8:1)

Have you ever thought about the many things that can be done in half an hour?

A gardener could probably plant a couple of boxes of petunias, or trim a large bush. One could clean the kitchen or vacuum a rug. It’s time enough to read a chapter in a book, and most television sit-coms are only half an hour in length.

Morning Prayer can be read in half an hour, as can Evening Prayer and Compline.

If one walks or exercises for half an hour, it’s considered a good period of exercise.

But to be silent for half an hour – now there’s an accomplishment for most of us!

When I read in the Bible that there was silence in heaven for about half an hour, my imagination is set running.

Most of us I’m sure were hoping that there would be no clocks in heaven, and if our hopes are realized then how was this time measured? Who measured it and came back and told us? If the person measuring this time was still here, how did he catch a glimpse of heaven? Is that glimpse of heaven possible for the rest of us?

Summertime is a good time for us to relax and recreate ourselves. Perhaps it is a good time to have silences within our lives, and see what glimpses of heaven we get through this.

Will we see and recognize the half an hour of silence in heaven? If we are to do so, we will need a half an hour of silence wherever we are. It’s amazing how much that half an hour of silence can refresh us. May you feel refreshed, relaxed and re-created this summer.

- Marion Stalter

Spirit of the
Living God ...
fall afresh on us

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