updated October 15, 2009

Celebrating our Past
Strengthening our Future

Sunday January 4, 2009  -  Introduction to our Anniversary events

Sunday February 1, 2009  -  Our Parish History Luncheon

Saturday May 2, 2009  -  Wine and Cheese & Silent Auction.

Sunday April 26, 2009  -  St Mark's Patronal Feast

Saturday June 27, 2009  -  Strawberry Social ... a High Tea with Hats

Saturday September 12, 2009  -  Pasta Dinner

Former Clergy Celebrating
September 13, 2009 The Rev. Canon Allen Box   
September 20, 2009 The Rev. Canon David Lethbridge 
September 27, 2009
The Ven. Gordon Worden 
October 4, 2009 The Rev. Canon Roger Steinke 

Saturday October 10, 2009    -  60th Anniversary Dinner

POSTPONED Saturday November 14, 2009  -  Anniversary Dance

due to the volume of events taking place in the fall, the Committee has had to postpone the dance and hopes to do something in the new year

Items of Interest

Memorial Cookbook:  by Dolores Whitman and the Girls. The book is now available and on sale for $10. 

Wooden artifacts: John Ross volunteered his time and talents to fabricate the remaining altar wood into items such as crosses and boxes to commemorate our 60th Anniversary which were sold as they become available.

Memorial Photo Directory: Sheila Vaudry has arranged a memorial photo directory for us in 2009. Sittings will be held in October 23/24 and November 5 -7 so that we can have our photos in time for Christmas 2009.

Visiting Clergy: Arrangements were made for invitations to our past rectors to partake in a service and fellowship at coffee hour. 

The Bishopís office confirmed that he will be very pleased to attend October 10's soiree. 
This does not pre-empt in any way his official visit to St. Markís on November 15, 2009.  


The success of these events relies on your participation so donít only attend but spread the word
or bring a guest, lets show everyone the influence of Christ in our lives and that Anglicanism
is not just a Sunday Service but a Life Style.


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