"... and you shall hallow the fiftieth year;
it shall be a jubilee
unto you ..."

Leviticus 25:10  

St. Mark's Anglican Church

Memories:  The First Fifty Years


This Souvenir Book is typical of the tasks that should be simple and quick. Of course, it was neither.
Our records are incomplete and conflicting, and our memories are faulty and conflicting.

However it is well that we decided very early in the 50th Anniversary Committee planning to do a book.
In twenty-five more years, the detailed information would not be available, and you certainly would not be able to bounce the memories of one of our originals against another. Even with its shortcomings, there is enough in this Book to serve as a foundation for the future.

Many thanks to all who helped, and especially to those who suffered patiently through my prodding and poking. Thanks to those who contributed Sections; their names appear at the end of their work. Special thanks to my wife Connie and to Margaret Lodge who did the heavy duty editing job. It is better because of their work. Thanks to Ray Davidson for his old photos and for his scanning expertise. Thanks to Fred Neal from the Diocesan Archives for his help with the early history and especially for the clergy information.

This book is dedicated to the founders of St. Mark's who set us on our course, and to those who followed after in the first fifty years to mold this wonderful Body of Christ into the loving, caring, sharing, religious, dynamic, involved, and to be fair, opinionated and strong minded community it is today.

I feel like the writer of Maccabees in his historical review of events to the Jews of Egypt:

"...I shall bring my own work to an end here too.
If it is well composed and to the point,
that is just what I intended.
If it is trashy and mediocre,
that is all I could manage."

2 Maccabees: 37,38 - The Jerusalem Bible

God Bless and keep St. Mark's.

Lorne Bowerman
June 1999

formatted for St. Mark's web
Margaret Lodge April 2005

Table of Contents
50ch1 50ch2 50ch3 50ch4 50ch5 50ch6 50ch7 50appnd Development of the Parish Neighbourhood

Development of the Parish

The Parish in a Parish Church

The Parish in a Parish Church and a New Hall

The Clergy of St. Mark's

The Ministry of Music

The Organizations   Sunday School; Women's, Men's & Youth Organizations

Appendices Anniversary Activities; 1951 Parish List; Veterans' List