Welcome to St Mark's GIFT program 2012    

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Sunday  February 26 10am service 
Guest Speaker: Don Newman  - Honourary Chair of GIFT  
talking about the Diocesan GIFT Campaign 



Daring to Dream I
St Mark's general dreams during our 2-day visioning sessions 

Daring to Dream II
our specific dreams from all 6 groups 
Wednesday February 29 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Thursday  March 1 2:30 - 4:00 pm
Matthew-Mark Visitor Training Sessions 

GIFTbrochure St Mark's GIFT Brochure 
Growing in Faith Together 

GIFTinvite Sunday  March 4 
GIFT Kick-off and launch at St. Mark’s
special announcements, commissioning the Team
and a celebration in the hall after the services

GIFT Q&A St Mark's GIFT Q&A Page 
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
this page will be changing weekly

Diocesan GIFT Diocesan GIFT 
Growing in Faith Together
Diocesan web site 


Sunday May 27 
GIFT Commitment Sunday  

Commitment Sunday is a time in the Growing in Faith Together campaign when we make or acknowledge our pledges.  Our ambassadors have been very busy carrying our message to our members. Of our 197 members to visit, we have completed over 80% of them.  But the number of our members who have sent in their pledges is only 40%.  So we have a gap.  The purpose of this Commitment Sunday is to close that gap

If you have not already done so, please make your commitment to the parish
with the pledge card (in the confidential envelope):
v  Place your card on the offering plate
v  Drop it off at the parish office
v  Drop it in the mail