Welcome to St Mark's GIFT Campaign 2012  


Frequently asked Questions & Answers 
Question 1 When will I be visited? Answer: For the purposes of the GIFT Campaign, the parish list was divided into three phases.  The first phase consisted of members of parish council, and those active in the various groups in the parish.   The first phase also provided the visitors who were trained to do the visitation of the second phase which will be starting soon.  The third phase will be the final to be the done. All visits should be completed sometime early in May.

Question 2If I do my GIFT pledge on-line do I also have to send in my pledge card?

Short answer: Yes you do.

Reason:  You are asked to also send in your pledge card to clarify your intentions, the pledge card will be matched with your on-line information to ensure that there are no differences or mistakes and your pledge is correctly entered in the system. Be assured you are still only making one pledge.

Question 3How will the Growing in Faith Together campaign affect parish operating budget?

Answer: Similar campaigns in many parishes have actually enhanced offertory levels and parish stewardship. In the short term, offertory giving should remain constant or perhaps increase and hopefully boost operating budgets. Throughout the Growing in Faith Together campaign, parishioners will be asked to make pledges above and beyond their regular offertory giving. Parishioners are asked to consider a greater sacrifice and commitment to their church.

Congratulations on reaching 25% of our goal with last weeks total pledges: $50,100

Question 4 Hows are the GIFT visits going?

Answer:  We are thrilled with the great support we have had from out visitors.  We have 35 people organized into 16 teams.   They are nothing short of fantastic and have drawn rave reviews from the organizing committee.

We have 53 of the 54 visits completed in the first phase, called the Matthew-Mark phase under the Chair of Lorne Bowerman.  Of those 53, 23 have completed their pledge sheets and mailed them to the Diocese.  

If you have been visited and have not sent your pledge sheet, would you please complete it soon so we can close off this phase.  We do have follow-up to ensure that all are sent to the Diocese.

We started the second phase on Sunday, March 18, called the Luke phase, under the Chair of Keith Wilkins. There are 83 families to be visited and we would like to complete this phase by May 1.

There is a third phase called, the John phase with 59 visits to be done. Lorne and Keith have agreed to be joint chairs and the plan is to start this phase on April 29 and to complete it on June 3.

March 25  pledges:
Pledged amount:    $55,600.00
Percent of goal:      28%
Diocesan amount:  $2.7M

Question 5 How is the GIFT money, that is coming back to the parish, handled?  

Answer:  Fifty percent of the funds that have been sent to the Diocese by St. Mark's parishioners, as part of the GIFT campaign, come back to the parish. 

They are returned by cheque in the middle of the month following their receipt by the Diocese. The cheque is deposited by St. Mark's, into a GIFT Reserve fund, where it is held until Parish Council releases the money for the GIFT purpose for which it was raised.  Parish Council allocate the priority of spending. 

This process will continue as pledged money is received, for the full five years of the campaign. 

April 1 pledges:
Pledged amount:
Received to date:   $14,845.00
Percent of goal:      34%
Diocesan amount:  $2.963

Question 6 Will my pledge remain confidential?  

Answer:  Yes! Strict controls are in place to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

Question 7 What if my circumstances change and I am unable to fulfil or want to increase my GIFT pledge?  

Answer:  Your GIFT pledge is made in good faith and is entirely voluntary. If your circumstances change, you may alter your pledge by simply notifying the GIFT office. 

April 15 pledges:  Great news, we are close to 50% of our goal!
Pledged amount:    $90,140.00
Received to date:   $27,745.00 
Percent of goal:      46%
Wider Case:           $2.963M

FIY  8   

The GIFT committee are happy to report that the first cheque from the Diocese has arrived, this is from the initial month of the campaign. The money will go into a separate account and decisions will have to made about how to use it to further the goals that we as a parish, identified.

At this time we would like to thank everyone who has been involved so far, the ambassadors for their time and dedication and everyone who has been visited either by welcoming us into your homes or meeting us elsewhere.

The John phase is about to begin so if you haven't been visited yet, someone will be contacting you soon.
Reminder: Please remember to return your pledge cards if you have been visited.

April 29 pledges: 
Pledged amount:    $95,340.00
Percent of goal:      48%
Diocese amount:    $3.08M

Sunday May 27 
GIFT Commitment Sunday  
Commitment Sunday is a time in the Growing in Faith Together campaign when we make or acknowledge our pledges.  Our ambassadors have been very busy carrying our message to our members. Of our 197 members to visit, we have completed over 80% of them.  But the number of our members who have sent in their pledges is only 40%.  So we have a gap.  The purpose of this Commitment Sunday is to close that gap

If you have not already done so, please make your commitment to the parish
with the pledge card (in the confidential envelope):
v  Place your card on the offering plate
v  Drop it off at the parish office
v  Drop it in the mail